Interkonekt DIN


1999 PLN/m

Some of our customers with Naim systems asked if we could develop a 5 pin DIN cable for them and so we did.

Unfortunately the price of this cable hides the fact that it is an incredible upgrade in your system. Defies logic really, pay less and get more, but that is precisely what this little interconnect does.
“Super value, high end interconnects offering a satisfyingly natural and expansive sound.”
– David Price, HiFi World, 2011

„Excellent solution for Naim fans who want to squeeze out of your system more dynamics, clarity and color, while not killing its nature”
– Stereolife.pl, May 2014 Thomas Karasińsk

„3 stars, And the winner is: Tellurium Q Black, “better dynamics and clarity,. Only after some time I realized that with the increasing amount of detail in the music, Tellurium Q Black introduced to sound more quiet, darkened….The sound became more consistent and smooth,….increased precision location of the instruments on stage and the overall elevation of realism. “
– Stereolife.pl